Current Landscape of Patients with Metastatic Cancers in the Philippines

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Frederic Ivan L. Ting, MD Crizel Denise Uy, MD Carlo Miguel P. Berba, MD Dennis L. Sacdalan, MD


Globally, cancer imposes an extensive burden in terms of both epidemiology and financial adversity. Treating cancer remains a challenge despite outstanding development in the field of molecular oncology. The introduction of sophisticated imaging and diagnostic technologies and novel targeted therapies are leading to expensive treatment which is unaffordable to most patients. These challenges strain the already weak healthcare and economic infrastructure of the low- and middle-income countries, where resources are already constrained and access to health care is suboptimal. Thus, it is critical to focus on the prevention strategies that intend to control the rising burden of cancer. Screening programs have long been proven to be cost-effective in reducing cancer mortality by detecting malignancies at earlier asymptomatic stages and thus should be on top priority in the public health agenda of the Philippines. This review paper aims to explore the status of metastatic cancers in the country, including its epidemiology, the current diagnostic and treatment landscape, and future directions to reduce the cancer burden.

Keywords: Metastatic cancer, Cervical, Colorectal, Liver, Breast, LMICs, Philippines, Insurance

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