Salivary Gland Duct Carcinoma: A Case Report

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Keisha Brooks David Mensi


Salivary gland duct carcinoma (SDC) is an uncommon high-grade and aggressive malignancy with a low rate of incidence, comprising approximately 9% of all salivary gland malignancies1. This malignancy has a poor prognosis and predilection for recurrence and distant metastasis 2,3,4.  SDC is found most often in the parotid gland in men over the age of 50. Frequent reported symptoms include a rapidly growing parotid gland mass accompanied by facial nerve paralysis 6,7,8. Because of the difficulty in distinguishing benign and malignant salivary gland tumors, clinical findings offer limited information in the assessment of changes in the parotid gland 9. Several findings in the literature suggest the use of pre-operative fine needle aspiration as a valuable method of clinical management of the malignancy and subsequent chance for long term survival 8,10. Immunohistochemical analysis can be used to make a diagnosis of SDC by distinguishing it from other salivary gland malignancies.

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