U.S. COVID-19 Policy: Politics Trump Science

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Charles M. Lepkowsky, PhD


In response to COVID-19, many industrialized nations have utilized intentional, consistent strategies with demonstrated efficacy for containment of the pandemic. However, United States COVID-19 policies have been inconsistent with virology and epidemiology data. As the politics surrounding the pandemic have become increasingly contentious, they have all but neutralized efforts to contain it. The lack of media attention to the high rate of long COVID (now estimated at 20%) and the growing list of long-term health consequences (with an increasing list of neurological complications) is also a significant factor contributing to the public's misunderstanding of the disease, and poor compliance with safety protocols. Consequently, COVID-19 remains relatively uncontained in the US, which now has the dubious distinction of the highest number of COVID fatalities in world. Recommendations are made for the intentional use in the US of consistent strategies with demonstrated efficacy for pandemic containment.

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