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Digital health solutions implemented by Sanitas hospitals to maintain continuity of care during COVID-19 pandemic

César Morcillo Serra, Daniel Tizon Galisteo, Domingo Marzal Martín, José Francisco Tomás Martínez

Clinical Pharmacists role in the therapeutic management of COVID-19 patients in Morocco

Aicha Chaibi, PharmD, Mrani Alaoui Amal, PharmD, Lasri Fatima-Zahra, PharmD, Abouqal Redouane, MD, Madani Naoufel, MD

Role of inflammatory biomarkers in the prediction of ICU admission and mortality in patients with COVID-19

Qamar Ahmad, MD, Sarah E DePerrior, MPH, Sunita Dodani, MD, FCPS, MSc, PhD, Joshua F Edwards, MPH, Paul Ellis Marik, MD, FCCP, FCCM

The cardiovascular implications of COVID-19: A Comprehensive Review 

Shumail Fatima, Syed Bukhari, John Pacella

Regular sanitizing of cell phones during the Covid-19 pandemic

MJ Tladi, SM Tladi, LP Tladi

Utility of lung ultrasound in the management of COVID-19 respiratory infection

Ximena Cid Serra, C Royse, A Wang, D Canty, L Bridgford, A Denault, D El-Ansary, X Hu, X Li, A Royse

Molecular Mechanisms of Curcumin in COVID-19 Treatment and Prevention: A Global Health Perspective

Nathan Roberts, Robert E. Brown, MD, L. Maximilian Buja, MD, Priya Weerasinghe, MD, PhD

A Comparison of COVID-19 Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, and Impact on Vulnerable Populations in Two States within the USA

Joseph A. Elengickal, Marshall J. Weber, Jennifer R. Morris, Alice S. Win, John A. Carico, Hana I. Nazir, Matthew C. Stagg, Nicholas M. Teague, Rishabh Agrawal, Kush S. Patel, Rodger D. MacArthur

Touch Deprivation and Exercise During the COVID-19 Lockdown April 2020

Tiffany Field, Samantha Poling, Shantay Mines, Debra Bendell, Connie Veazey

Clinical laboratory role in viral pandemic response: Focus on COVID-19

Ian C. Clift, PhD, MLS (ASCP)

Utility of Video Consultation in Digestive Diseases

Modesto Varas Lorenzo, Tania Navas Serra, César Morcillo Serra

Trends of SARS-Cov-2 infection in 67 countries: Role of climate zone, temperature, humidity, and curve behavior of cumulative frequency on duplication time

Jaime Berumen, MD, MAX JULIO SCHMULSON, Guadalupe Guerrero, Elizabeth Barrera, Jorge Larriva-Sahd, Gustavo Olaiz, Rebeca García-Leyva, Rosa María Wong Chew, Miguel Betancourt-Cravioto, Hector Gallardo, Germán Fajardo-Dolci, Roberto Tapia-Conyer

Oxidative Stress, Antioxidant Defenses, COVID-19 and Pollution

Selva Rivas-Arancibia, Jennifer Balderas-Miranda, Lizbeth Belmont-Zúñiga, Martín Martínez-Jáquez, Eduardo Hernández-Orozco, Vanessa Cornejo-Trejo, Citlali Reséndiz-Ramos, Iván Cruz-García, Isaac Espinosa-Caleti, Marlen Valdés-Fuentes, Erika Rodríguez Martínez


Tristan M Sissung, William D Figg

Dexamethasone Mechanism in Inflammatory Immune Mediated Disease and its Application in Treating 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Soo Ji Seo, Ronny Priefer

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade: The Case of Hosting the Most Successful Regional Cardiovascular Symposium During the COVID-19 Pandemic –– A Tale From the Oregon Chapter of the American College of Cardiology

Castigliano M Bhamidipati, DO PhD MSc, Alan Morasch, CAE, Ben Morasch, Jayne Mitchell, ANP, Tamara Atkinson, MD, Charles R Cannan, MBChB FACC, Brian Gross, MD FACC, Pasala Ravichandran, MBBS FACC, Aly Rahimtoola, MD FACC, Tyler Gluckman, MD FACC, Scott Chadderdon, MD

A Systematic Review of the Efficacy and Safety of Favipiravir (Avigan) for the Treatment of Novel COVID-19 Infections

Subhendu Sekhar Bag, Sayantan Sinha, Isao Saito

Eye Involvement and Care during COVID – 19 Pandemic

Arieh S Solomon, MD, PhD

Hydroxychloroquine Prophylaxis for COVID-19

David D. Busath, MD

Precaution, resilience, faith, and COVID-19

Ben J.M. Ale, Des N.D. Hartford, David H. Slater

Where Do We Go from Here? Reflections on the Challenges and Possibilities of Defeating the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sarah Crawford

Current status of drug development against SARS CoV-2 infections

Birgit Magdalene Pruess

Clinical Trials in the COVID-19 Era: A breakdown of FDA Guidance and Future Considerations

Priya Kumthekar

Peptide Inhibitors of Viral Membrane Fusion

Nejat Düzgüneş, Krystyna Konopka

COVID-19 Experience 2020: Changes in the Laboratory Environment

David L Smalley, PhD, Patricia M Cisarik, OD, PhD

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