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Agenda – 2022 ESMED General Assembly

ESMED General Assembly 2022 Program

We are working relentlessly to assemble a scientific program which will showcase the latest knowledge in an interactive and modern platform. With over 400 speakers across 3 days, the 2022 ESEMD General Assembly is the place to be for medical professionals in Europe and beyond.

PDF program. Revised April 20, 2022.


Next Generation Neuroscience

New discoveries within the Neuroscience field are constantly shaping our understanding of the brain and nervous system. The 2022 ESMED General Assembly will have an emphasis on the following Neuroscience topics: 

  • Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Glioblastoma
  • Epilepsy
  • Brain Imaging

Spotlight on Pharmacology

Recent developments in the field of Pharmacology have the potential to bring about change of great importance which will affect diagnosis, treatment, and our understanding of disease. Pharmacogenetics is leading the way for more effective treatment for a wide range of health problems, including cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and asthma.

The 2022 ESMED General assembly will examine several Pharmacology innovations including nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems, pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics, and more.

Chaired by Dr. Michael Beck, University of Mainz.

Global Public Health

The Coronavirus pandemic has moved public health into the spotlight on an unprecedented scale. Preventing disease requires organized efforts and evidence-based policy options. Analyzing the threats to the health of a population is a difficult challenge which needs multidisciplinary input and careful consideration of the facts. At ESMED Congress 2022 leading public health experts will talk about how we can reduce the global burden of disease and prevent the next pandemic. 

Trends in Oncology

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, and is responsible for approximately 10 million deaths annually. ESMED hopes to reduce the burden of cancer by helping to shape healthcare policy in three key areas: Prevention strategies, Early detection, and Treatment.

Exploring Genetics & Genomics

There have been enormous advancements in the field of Genetics during the last decade which have widespread implications across virtually all diseases. Genome editing has the ability to revolutionize medicine, but also poses many challenges. The 2022 ESMED General Assembly will explore the latest innovations in genetics and genomics, with the goal of encouraging a multidisciplinary approach to genetics research.

Advancements in Cardiology

Cardiovascular disease causes 3.9 million deaths in Europe each year. Risk factors such as obesity and diabetes have increased in recent years, resulting in the need for new approaches to reducing the burden of cardiovascular disease. The 2022 ESMED General Assembly aims to advance cardiovascular knowledge in three key areas: Prevention strategies, Early detection, and Treatment.

Chaired by David Celermajer, University of Sydney

Trends in Surgery


Technology has transformed the field of Surgery and makes it possible to overcome countless challenges. As optical imaging, robotics and other high-tech advances contribute to greater precision and less invasive surgical techniques, the field is optimized to improve surgical outcomes by a significant measure in the near future. The 2022 ESMED General Assembly will showcase the latest surgical innovations.

Advancing Knowledge in Diabetes


The prevalence of Diabetes in Europe has grown to an alarming 10% of adults. Breakthroughs in Diabetes care are urgently needed. The 2022 ESMED General Assembly will examine the latest technologies and ideas for Diabetes care.

Nutrition & Food Science


The fields of Nutrition and Food Science experience rapid change as new technologies become available. The 2022 ESMED General Assembly aims to advance nutrition knowledge be exploring the latest innovation in the field.

Additional Sessions

Medical & Patient Education

Focus on Neonatology

Medical Nanotechnology

The Future of Psychology

Breakthroughs in Pediatrics

Nursing/Healthcare Management

Trends in Endocrinology

Next Generation Immunology

Focus on Pulmonology

Advancements in Physiology